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Trump held a press conference at the Rose Garden of the White House on the 29th and said that Beijing “suffocates Hong Kong’s freedom and completely suffocates”. This is “the tragedy of Hong Kong, China and the people of the world.”

Trump described China’s implementation of the Hong Kong version of the National Security Law as a violation of the “Sino-British Joint Statement”. “The Basic Law would have continued for 27 years.”

He pointed out, “The decision I announced today will affect our comprehensive agreement with Hong Kong, from the extradition treaty to export control and technology. We will take action to abolish Hong Kong as a separate customs and tourism area outside of China Enjoy preferential treatment. ”

The United States will also “take necessary actions” to sanction Chinese and Hong Kong officials suspected of infringing on Hong Kong’s freedom, but Trump did not mention the details of the sanctions in his speech about 8 minutes long. He only mentioned: “Our actions will be powerful and of great significance.”
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