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The importance of mobile DR

However, the Independent reported in late April that the British government may still seek to achieve “group immunization” in private. Sir David King, the predecessor of Sir Patrick Wallens and former chief scientific adviser to the British government, said that the government minister seemed to soften the test ’s position on whether to relax the isolation restrictions, “Maybe we are Towards group immunization? ”

The Independent reported that Sir David King said that as long as the hospital was not “squeezed”, the relaxation of isolation measures meant that the government still expected many people to get immunized by infection with the new coronavirus.

Sir David King also strongly criticized the British government for failing to take measures early in the outbreak. In an interview with the BBC, he said that there are excellent scientists and medical experts in the United Kingdom. They could have provided good suggestions in the early stages of the outbreak, so that the United Kingdom can improve its resistance to the epidemic and contain large-scale outbreaks that bring such high mortality.
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