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The Third Session of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress of China reviewed the draft on the formulation of Hong Kong’s “National Security Law”, including the subversion of state power, the split of the country, terrorist activities and intervention by external forces. The implementation of the Basic Law triggered a strong reaction from Hong Kong and the international community.

In June last year, Hong Kong triggered a large-scale protest due to the controversy on the revision of the “Fugitive Offenders Ordinance”. Demonstration appeals have evolved into a broader democratic appeal from opposition to an ordinance that may bring suspects to trial in mainland China. The protests have become more violent and the new crown The epidemic has eased slightly, and demonstrations are showing signs of reigniting.

Chinese People’s Congress spokesman Zhang Yesui emphasized that this was a decision made in response to the “new situation” and “completely necessary.” The Hong Kong Democrats believed that Beijing pushed Hong Kong to “one country, one system” and completely ignored Hong Kong’s Basic Law. US President Trump made it clear that if Hong Kong implements the National Security Law, it will make a tough response. The last British governor, Patten, described it as “a comprehensive attack on Hong Kong’s autonomy, the rule of law and fundamental freedoms.”
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