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Digital camera DR chest and abdomen

Do you know what digital camera DR chest and abdomen are? DR chest radiographs are also called digital chest radiographs. Thoracic examination mainly examines lesions in the lungs, pleura, mediastinum, ribs, clavicle, spine, and thoracic spine. Can be used to diagnose pneumonia, tuberculosis, lung cancer, benign lung tumors, hydropneumothorax, tracheobronchial foreign body, atelectasis, emphysema, bronchitis, pleurisy, pleural effusion, pleural hypertrophy and calcification, rib fractures, clavicle fractures, rib tuberculosis , Mediastinal tumor, diaphragm swelling. There are mediastinal emphysema, mediastinal displacement, hiatal hernia and other diseases. The findings of digital photography on the frontal image of the chest: the thorax is symmetrical, the bone structure of the thoracic ribs is complete, the lung fields are clear, the markings of the lungs are slightly increased, and no obvious solid lesions are seen; the mediastinum is centered, without widening, and the double hilum shadows The size and shape of the heart shadow were normal; the bilateral diaphragm surfaces were smooth, and the costophrenic angle was sharp.
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