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NK-XR50RP Portable X-ray Machine (Analogue)

●Simple Stand design with wheels
The mobile stand is flexible and convenient to meet various position

●The suitcase can be placed on the main X-ray machine, hand switch control, remote control, you can choose different exposure control.Also it’s easy to transport and carry cos special compact structure.

It can be widely use for human limbs checking, diagnosing, especially used in hospital room, ambulance, disaster relief, emergency medical treatment, sports events, charity organizations, diagnosis etc.
● .Deft and concise
●.6 periods of digital LED display
●.Failure self-protection, self-diagnosis
●. High precision control of tube voltage, tube current
●.48 kinds of presupposed anatomy memory pattern choice
●. Accuracy control method of simulation and double digital loops
●. X-ray tube complete surrender by lead for protect X-ray leaking
NK-XR50RP Portable X-ray Machine
●Exposure by hand switch
●Exposure by remote control
●Exposure by touch screen
NK-XR50RP Portable X-ray Machine hand switch
NK-XR50RP Portable X-ray Machine (Analogue)
NK-XR50RP Portable X-ray Machine parameter

Newheek Advantages:
Original manufacturer of x-ray machine and accessories for more than 16 years.
√ Customers could find all kinds of x-ray machine parts here.
√ Offer on line technological support.
√ Promise super product quality with best price and service.
√ Support the third part inspection before delivery.
√ Ensure the shortest delivery time.

Contact Us If you need to order the NK-XR50RP Portable X-ray Machine (Analogue)
Email : service@newheek.com
Hot Line : 86 536 8882360

The common problems on the NK-XR50RP Portable X-ray Machine (Analogue)
1. What is the Payment Method ?
We could accept payment by TT, Western Union, Visa Credit Card, Paypal etc.
2. How long is the Lead Time?
Within 15 workdays for Flat detector mobile coronavirus digital chest x-ray machine after receipt of payment.
3. How to order our NK-XR50RP Portable X-ray Machine (Analogue)?
Please contact us with service@newheek.com

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