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  • 50Hz power frequency mobile DR

50Hz power frequency mobile DR

  • Used by various hospitals, clinics, wards, physical examination centers, and other medical institutions for filming
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50Hz power frequency mobile DR


1. Combined X-ray machine head, cantilever structure frame, easy and convenient positioning of machine head;

2. Equipped with a collimator to conveniently and accurately control the X-ray radiation field;

3. Small size, convenient to carry, convenient to operate, safe and reliable;

4. Suitable for DR flat panel detectors of different sizes;

5. Automatic adjustment of power supply voltage (V), stepless continuous adjustable photography (kV);

6. It has functions such as loading chain, exposure time, automatic fault alarm, filament preheating, and tube assembly temperature protection.

7. Used for photographing medical institutions such as hospitals, clinics, wards, and physical examination centers;


Optional components

●Photography flat bed

●camera frame (mobile/fixed)

●digital flat panel detector (size/wired/wireless)

●computer (notebook/desktop)


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