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Mobile DR Architecture

Mobile DR can quickly acquire and confirm photographic images after exposure for a few seconds, eliminating the need for complicated procedures such as traditional film development and IP board information reading.
The digital flat-panel detector of the system does not need to change the existing X-ray imaging equipment, and can directly match the existing X-ray imaging equipment’s examination bed and chest film frame cassette bracket device or directly realize the bed surface grid-free photography without needing to cooperate with the existing X-ray imaging equipment. When the high-voltage generator is physically connected, the X-ray image information can be collected, digitally converted and sent through the digital flat panel detector, and the collected X-ray data can be processed, displayed, printed and transmitted through the console. In this way, the chest, limbs, head, abdomen and other parts can be inspected in upright and lying positions, especially for bedside, stretcher or wheelchair patients, and high-resolution digital imaging can be completed.

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