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Product uses and practical ways of mobile DR

The mobile DR adopts a new bracket design, high-quality high-frequency and high-voltage generator, and international advanced digital flat-panel detector to ensure excellent image effects. It is a high-frequency combined digital X-ray photography medical diagnostic equipment.
It is suitable for radiology, orthopedics, ward, emergency room, operating room, ICU, etc., to meet the needs of digital photography of the head, limbs, thoracic cavity, spine, lumbar, abdomen and other parts of the body. It is a high-end digital X-ray machine.
Practical way
1. Direct digital photography: Cooperate with flat panel detectors to realize direct digital photography and on-site imaging of various parts in various environments.
2. Indirect digital imaging: If the mobile flat panel detector is not used, indirect digital photography can be realized with the IP board and CR system.
3. Ordinary photography: If you don’t use a mobile flat panel detector, you can use the film cassette system to realize ordinary film photography.
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