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Difference between DR and x-ray

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DR stands for digital imaging, which is used in radiology. In the past, the ordinary X-ray machines used in radiology departments required negative films, and then they were washed out to obtain X-rays, just like photographs. DR, you don’t need a negative, just like the current digital camera, you can see the result on the machine screen immediately after shooting, after adjusting the contrast and brightness, connect the processor to develop the film.
Disadvantages of X-ray machine compared to DR:
1. High requirements for film dose control and high rejection rate
2. The image cannot be processed and adjusted, and special diagnostic images cannot be generated
3. Poor image preservation, easy to decay and easy to lose
4. Unable to connect with the hospital computer network system
However, compared with DR, the photographing speed is faster than that of X-ray, and it does not need to be developed. DR can directly image, and the image can be digitally processed.
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