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5kw mobile DR

Many customers inquire about our company’s 5kw mobile DR. 5kw mobile DR can shoot limbs and chest, which is especially suitable for small clinics. It uses high-frequency inverter technology, has a stable X-ray output, and is equipped with a high-quality digital flat panel and a high-performance image workstation, which can realize full digital image processing and can shoot high-quality images.
At the same time, this 5kw mobile DR has a compact body design, can be folded and contracted for easy carrying and movement, and convenient to work in different areas. You can also choose different racks to meet different needs.
5kw mobile DR has three exposure control methods: remote control, hand brake and touch screen. It can meet the exposure needs of different occasions. At the same time, the machine has intelligent fault self-diagnosis and self-protection functions. It has a flexible digital interface, programmable control, and can be adapted to different workstations.
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