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5KW portable X-ray machine

X-ray machine is to produce the X-ray equipment, its main is composed of the X-ray tube and x optical source, and the X-ray tube and the Anode and cathode filament (Cathod) target (Anode) and vacuum glass tubes, x optical source and can be divided into two parts, high voltage power supplies and filament, the filament for filament heating, high voltage power supply high voltage output respectively on both ends of Anode and cathode filament target, to provide a high voltage electric field accelerates a filament on active electronic flow to the Anode target, forming a high-speed electron flow.

A medical X-ray machine is also called an X-ray diagnostic device or a medical X-ray fluoroscope.This type of X-ray machine is suitable for medical use, widely used in medical institutions and places, providing the relevant units with rapid medical diagnosis.Most of its high voltage generators are digital high frequency, with rich imaging levels, simple and friendly operation interface and other characteristics.

(portable X-ray machine)



Product Features:

1. Adopt high frequency inverter technology to produce, stable high voltage output can obtain good image quality;

2. Compact design, easy to carry out work in different regions and locations;

3. There are three kinds of exposure control modes: remote control, handbrake and interface push-button;

4. Fault self-diagnosis and self-protection;

5. With flexible digital interface, users can go deep into the core programming control, and can adapt to different DR detectors.



Main technical parameters:




Maximum power


KV of photography


mA of photography


mAs scope

0.32-315 mAs

Exposure Time Range


Working frequency

≥30 kHz

Input Power Type

220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz

Host host




Inverter Mode

PWM(Pulse width modulation


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