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A clinic in Zibo, Shandong consulted DRX machine

Today, a clinic in Zibo, Shandong saw the DRX machine on Taobao and got in touch with us. After communicating with the customer, we learned that the customer needs to photograph the bones of various parts of the body, so we recommended our sickle arm X-ray machine to the customer. This X-ray machine has two powers of 30KW and 50KW. It includes: high-frequency high-voltage generator, X-ray tube assembly, manual beam limiter, 1717 flat panel detector, sickle arm frame, 2 8-meter high-voltage cables, organic Glass bed board and computer. The customer said that they also need to print film, so they also need to be equipped with a film printer. This X-ray machine is mainly used for photographic inspection of the human chest, limbs, pelvis and lumbar spine, and it has microcomputer control, liquid crystal display, and easy operation.
If you also want to buy a DRX machine and do not know how to choose, please contact us and we will choose the one that best meets your requirements. Our phone number is +8617616362243!

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