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A clinic inquires about mobile DR

Today, a clinic asked us about mobile DR, and the client wanted to check the lumbar and cervical spine. Because it is not convenient to build a protective house, I want to buy a mobile X-ray machine DR system.
I recommended our company’s 100 mA mobile DR system X-ray machine and 400 mA mobile DR system X-ray machine.
The color pages of two mobile DRs were sent to customers, and the detailed parameters of the two mobile DRs were introduced. He also told him that the 100 mA model is a bit difficult to check the lateral position of the lumbar spine, and that fat people will have noise when shooting movies. The 400 mAh model works very well, but the price is relatively high.
The customer prefers the 100mA mobile DR and sent some X-ray samples taken before. The customer found it to be pretty good after seeing it, and the decision can only be made after consultation.
If you are also interested in our mobile DR, please consult us.


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