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A trading company inquired about mobile DR

Today, a customer of a trading company came to inquire about our mobile DR. The customer said that the terminal customer is a fever clinic of a women’s insurance hospital, and now a mobile DR is needed, and it needs real-time imaging, which is about 50ma~60ma.
I added the customer’s WeChat account, sent the product information of the 50ma mobile DR, and told the customer that the mobile DR can be imaged in real time. The customer asked if the imaging is clear? I asked the client if a chest X-ray is required for fever clinics?
The customer said that it is necessary to take a chest radiograph. I suggest that the customer choose 100ma, because the 50ma dose may not be enough for chest radiographs. If the intensity of the radiation is not up to the level, the imaging will not be clear. This has nothing to do with flat panel detectors.
The customer said that he understands, but the specific purchase needs to be discussed with the end user.
The product I sent to the customer is shown in the picture:

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