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Advantages of Digital Radiography (DR)

The efficiency of X-ray detection is measured by the detection quantum efficiency DQE, DR is about 60%–65%, while CR is only 30%. Thus, the use of DR is associated with lower patient exposure due to very low imaging failure rates.
Fast image acquisition is another advantage of DR technology.
Image quality from DR is very good, while CR images are slightly inferior to film X-ray systems. However, diagnostic accuracy was comparable between CR and film-based systems.
Despite the lower initial cost of CR, DR systems provide technicians with high-speed workflow and accelerated patient management, which is especially important in outpatient settings where patients need to return home or work. Less than 1 minute is required between exposure and image acquisition.
With the development of wireless (or formerly wired) DR detectors, portability of DR systems is currently being envisaged. This removes one of the big barriers to using DR, the lack of portability. However, DR still has a long way to go to be comparable to CR in this regard. The ability to retrofit existing technologies with DR detectors will mark the beginning of a fierce competition between CR and DR in small-scale imaging settings.
Traditional DR systems are not very flexible for capturing difficult views. However, newer systems are being designed to provide greater positioning flexibility.
The initial investment cost is very high, averaging up to 5 times that of a premium CR setup (including reader and PSP). This limits them to environments where ROI is assured due to high patient throughput.


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