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Advantages of mobile X-ray

Mobile X-ray photography uses digital technology, convenient operation, simple workflow, and high-speed imaging. The digital image can be seen immediately after the mobile X-ray is exposed at the bedside. It can be processed through fine adjustments, frequency adjustment and other post-processing, which can provide high-quality images for clinical needs in time, and facilitate immediate diagnosis. In addition to the above-mentioned advantages of mobile X-ray, its mobile portability and operational agility have been unanimously recognized by the industry.

Let’s take orthopedic photography as an example. Mobile X-ray is a digital X-ray photography based on flat-panel detectors. Therefore, mobile X-ray photography has a wide dynamic range and wide exposure content, and all information of the content can be obtained in one exposure. , Provides quick convenience for diagnosis. The mobile X-ray can show good bone cortex, bone cancellous and soft tissues of the parts that need to be photographed, which provides a great help to the work of the radiology department. The application of equalization technology in mobile X-rays highlights the advantages of mobile X-rays.

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