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An Australian hospital orders a portable DR X-ray machine

A hospital in Australia inquired about our portable DR X-ray machine through the website.
The customer said that more limbs should be photographed because the lead room is very small and can only accommodate a portable DR X-ray machine, and he sent a floor plan. After confirmation we said that our product is very suitable for the needs. The customer also asked about the clarity of the screen and issues with the display. We sent some renderings and quotations for customers to check. The other party said that he was not sure about the procurement method yet, so he would apply for a budget first and wait to see what the leadership would decide later. About a month later, the other party took the initiative to contact us and said that the budget was finalized and payment could be made.
Portable DR X-ray machines are ideal for use in emergency rooms and bedside settings, allowing doctors to conduct immediate diagnosis and treatment. Portable DR can digitally store images on a computer or cloud, making it easier for doctors to conduct long-term tracking and comparison. In addition, digitized images can be easily shared and transferred to other doctors over the Internet for remote consultation and collaboration.
Overall, portable DR X-ray machines have the advantages of convenience and speed, provide high-quality images and other functions, and improve diagnostic efficiency, safety and patient experience.
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