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Anhui customer inquiry mobile X-ray machine

The anhui client inquired about the mobile X-ray machine for the out-patient department of a local hospital.The client sent us a chat with the hospital administrator and asked us to recommend a suitable device.Through the chat records, we learned that the function of the equipment required by the hospital was to display images for bone treatment.We confirm with the customer whether the equipment we need is used in the operating room or the outpatient department, which do not need the same kind of machine.The client and the hospital confirmed that the outpatient department used the film machine, only need to take the limbs parts.We recommended Newheek 50mA Mobile X-ray machine, also known as bedside X-ray machine, which is the most cost-effective and suitable for private clinics or township hospitals.We asked the customer if he needed an imaging system, and the customer confirmed with the hospital and gave us a reply.

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