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“Asymptomatic infection” is different from the early stage

“Asymptomatic infection” is different from the early stage, and its spread is very limited
“The current’asymptomatic infected people’ are not the same as the asymptomatic infected people in the early stage of the epidemic,” said Zhang Wenhong, leader of the Shanghai New Coronary Pneumonia Clinical Treatment Expert Team and director of the Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University.
Zhang Wenhong was recently a guest of the Science and Technology Micro Class “Big Coffee and Small Stove” jointly launched by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission and the Shanghai Radio and Television Center Rong Media Center, and answered a series of scientific questions of public concern during the outbreak.
He introduced that the overall “asymptomatic” is divided into two parts, and some patients’ symptoms have not yet been issued, and the doctors call them “latent”; but if the incubation period is reached, (the patient) he still has no symptoms, and then he has no symptoms, then At this time, he was in the late stage of infection. If the infection is late, his transmission rate is much lower than the incubation period.
Zhang Wenhong said that although some “asymptomatic infected people” have been found, in fact, the close contact of these “asymptomatic infected people” is monitored and isolated. propagation.


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