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Brazilian customer ordered a mobile DR X-ray machine

Brazilian customers consult our portable DR X-ray machine through the website. We introduced that a set of portable DR is basically composed of a portable X-ray machine, a frame, a flat panel detector, and a computer. In addition, it can also be combined with a bucky stand and a radiography table to form the most complete set. The core is the portable X-ray machine and flat panel detector. I reported the price of a set of portable DR to the customer, and the customer felt that the price was high, so I told the customer that the price/performance ratio of our portable DR is still okay, so you can think about it first.
Half a month later, the customer asked the difference between the simple triangular rack we ate and the blue and white manual rack. After we introduced it to the customer in detail, the customer asked questions about installation, after-sales, quality assurance, etc., and asked about the price. We reported the price of the portable DR, bucky stand and radiography table with bucky, and asked about the protection of the other party. The customer said that the lead room has been completed.
After a series of communication, the customer finally paid a deposit at the beginning of the month to purchase our 5KW portable machine, simple triangle rack, side-out bucky and radiography table with bucky. After the goods are ready, the customer pays the final payment, and the goods will be shipped on the same day. After the customer receives the goods, we remotely guide the installation of the workstation software. The customer said that the film can be produced normally, and the effect is very satisfactory.
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