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Can DR equipment continue to expose?

Generally speaking, we call X-ray machines equipped with digital imaging systems as DR equipment. According to the working principle and use of DR equipment, we can divide DR equipment into DR equipment for filming and DR equipment for perspective.
The DR equipment used for filming adopts the method of instantaneous exposure to generate static images, and by analyzing the situation of filming, the doctor can diagnose the patient’s condition; the DR equipment used for fluoroscopy uses the method of continuous exposure, which generates dynamic images. The images are mainly used in orthopedic surgery and other application scenarios, so that doctors can successfully complete the surgery by monitoring the entire surgery process in real time.
The most common DR equipment is the C-arm X-ray machine. This product can be equipped with a dynamic flat panel detector. It is mainly used for the monitoring of orthopedic surgical procedures. It can monitor the entire surgical process in real time and has become an indispensable X-ray machine for all kinds of orthopedic hospitals. Optical machine-assisted therapy equipment.
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