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Classification of portable X-ray machines

Portable X-ray machines are mainly divided into two types: all-in-one and split-body; the captain of the all-in-one portable X-ray machine is usually 50-70CM. X-rays are emitted and received, processed and observed by an image intensifier built in the machine section. For some high-end digital portable X-ray machines, AV video output or USB output can usually be connected to a computer for processing or connected to a printer for printing. This type of all-in-one can be stored and carried in a special suitcase when not in use.
Portable X-ray machine Portable X-ray machine has the characteristics of small size, light weight, convenient actual operation, stable operation and so on. It is especially suitable for all kinds of field work. It can be more convenient for field first aid, outdoor physical examination, and bedside filming.

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