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Clients purchase consulting mobile DR for township health centers

Recently, I received a customer inquiry about our mobile DR. The customer said that he was purchasing a machine for a township hospital in Sichuan, and wanted to know about our mobile DR equipment, so he sent the customer the product information of our mobile DR in the past. Our equipment adopts a brand-new bracket design, high-quality high-frequency and high-voltage generators, and international advanced digital flat panel detectors to ensure excellent image effects. It is a high-frequency combined digital X-ray photography medical diagnostic equipment. It is suitable for radiology, orthopedics, ward, emergency room, operating room, ICU, etc., to meet the needs of digital photography of the head, limbs, thoracic cavity, spine, lumbar, abdomen and other parts of the body.
Compared with other devices, mobile DR also has many advantages and strong image processing functions: the application of computer software window technology can perform various processing on the image such as window width and window level, zoom in and out, image rotation, black and white flip, and mark measurement. It is convenient to keep the image of mobile DR: the storage of x-ray film covers an area and is flammable. It also needs special personnel to manage it, and it is inconvenient to search. The digital image can be stored in a disk or CD, which is convenient and safe.
If you also need such a mobile DR, please come to us for purchase.

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