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Customer calls to consult portable X-ray machine

Recently, I received a call from a customer in Xuzhou, China, asking about portable X-ray machines. The customer said they were a township hospital and wanted to purchase some portable X-ray machines.The customer asked if we had the right equipment.The customer does not understand what is the difference between a portable X-ray machine and a regular X-ray machine?Portable X-ray machines can be used for mobile inspection, convenient and fast, but their performance is lower than that of ordinary X-ray machines, just like desktops and laptops of computers.After the customer understands distinction, ask the principle of portable x – ray machine again, in fact portable X – ray machine is combination machine head.

When the power is switched on and the start button is pressed, the whole machine starts to work.

By the pulse signal from the host controller, power amplifier, voltage double produce high pressure to the X-ray tube anode, also master Ⅱ pulse signals to the X-ray tube filament enlargement, make the X ray tube produces x-rays, and through the digital readout panel shows the value of the corresponding KV/mu A.At this point, the object to be measured is placed between the X-ray source and the image intensifier, and the image intensifier display screen shows a clear image of the object to be seen.In order to make the instrument work stably and reliably, the system adopts pulse width modulation technology to keep the current and voltage of the tube constant, and the X-ray tube works in the best state.With the function of high pressure and slow start, the anode of X-ray tube has no high pressure overshoot.The main controller adopts micro chip device and operates at 20KHz frequency, which greatly improves the efficiency of the whole system, eliminates noise, provides a quiet environment for operators, and reduces the volume.The power source of fluoroscope adopts high frequency and high efficiency switching power supply, and has comprehensive protection measures.In order to ensure the safety of the fluoroscope, the whole machine is equipped with a variety of protective devices to make it safe and reliable. Medical portable X-ray machine is also called medical portable X-ray machine or medical X-ray fluoroscope.

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