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Customer Inquiry Mobile DR

A medical device company purchased mobile DR for the hospital and used it in the hospital’s fever clinic to respond to the new crown epidemic and check the chest and lungs.
Ask the client whether the hospital wants to purchase a mobile X-ray machine or a mobile DR. If the hospital has insufficient budget and has a CR or DR imaging system, it can only purchase a mobile X-ray machine for supporting use. It is usually recommended to purchase a complete set of mobile DR systems, so that the performance is more stable and the use is more convenient.
Sent to the customer the product catalog of our mobile DR. UHF inverter system has more stable performance and clearer images. The digital imaging system can be used for real-time imaging, the effect is excellent, and the image can be optimized and stored. Mobile lightweight body, easy to carry and transport. The built-in battery system can work without external power supply.
Customers are very satisfied with our mobile DR and need to give feedback to the hospital for discussion.

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