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customers call to consult mobile DR

Today, customers in Yunnan call to inquire about our mobile DR. The client purchased it for a township hospital, mainly for the chest and limbs. According to the customer’s request, I recommended our 100ma mobile DR to the customer. In addition to the mobile DR features of ordinary mobile DR, this mobile DR has the following advantages:
1. Adopt high frequency inverter technology to ensure stable X-ray output.
2. Application of high-quality digital tablet with high-performance image workstation, full digital image processing, to ensure high-quality image quality
3. Compact body design, foldable and shrinkable, easy to carry and move, convenient to work in different areas
4. Three exposure control methods: remote control, hand switch, body button type, to ensure the flexibility of exposure.
5. Intelligent fault self-diagnosis and self-protection make the X-ray machine’s service life longer
6. Flexible digital interface, programmable control, adaptable to different workstations
After giving the customer a brief introduction, I sent the customer our product catalog. After inquiring about the price and other aspects, the customer expressed satisfaction and had to report it to the hospital before confirming.
If your customers also need such a mobile DR, please contact us.

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