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Digital imaging system that can replace traditional film imaging

Do you know what digital imaging systems can currently replace traditional film imaging? Let’s introduce the imaging system separately.

DR is a direct X-ray conversion technology that uses a flat panel detector to receive X-rays. The flat panel detector includes CCD, amorphous silicon, amorphous selenium, and other types, with a crystal circuit covered by the detector to directly convert X-ray photons Replace with digital current.

CR is an indirect conversion technology for X-ray, which uses an image plate as an X-ray detector “Fluorescence occurs immediately after X-ray irradiation, during which nearly half of the energy of the X-ray is lost, and the latent image”

Storage of residual X-ray intensity changes in spatial images in the form of. The latent image signal decays over time. Scanner When scanning an image, the latent image signal is converted into visible light through a laser and sent to a computer for imaging through a photoelectric system.

3. X-ray film imaging technology refers to the X-ray irradiation of the emulsion layer of the film, in which silver halide crystals occur Chemical reactions occur and coalesce with adjacent silver halide crystals that are also irradiated by X-rays, depositing them on the film, leaving an image. The more light the emulsion layer receives, the more crystals will coalesce together. The less light the less crystal changes and coalesces. Without light falling on the emulsion, there would be no crystal changes and coalescence. The resulting different images have high requirements. If you need our mobile DR, please call us for consultation. Whatsapp:+86 18953679166. Email:

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