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Direct imaging – portable DRX ray machine

A portable DRX-ray machine is composed of a portable X-ray machine paired with a digital imaging system – a flat panel detector. The portable X-ray machine adopts a touch screen design, multi language settings, and can switch between large and small focus points, which is used to emit X-rays. The flat panel detector is connected to the computer through software to receive X-ray imaging. The portable DRX ray machine meets the entire process from emitting radiation to imaging.
A portable X-ray machine paired with a flat panel detector is a modern medical device that can perform portable X-ray examinations in various environments. It no longer requires traditional X-ray film, but uses digital flat panel detectors to receive X-ray images. This type of flat panel detector can convert X-rays into digital signals, and then connect them to a computer through software to transmit images. Doctors can immediately view and analyze X-ray images in this way for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
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portable DRX ray machine

portable DRX ray machine

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