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Do we need lead protection for mobile X-ray machines?

In recent days, a customer consulted a mobile X-ray machine and asked us whether they needed lead protection.

According to the national specifications for the use of medical devices, all X-ray machines need to be lead-protected, because long-term exposure to X-ray radiation can cause damage to the human body.

General large dose fixed X-ray machine, we need to make a lead room, and mobile X-ray machine, due to the particularity of the work, the use place will change according to the demand, if used in the ward, we can use the lead screen, to separate the space for shooting .If the x ray machine is taken outside, the surgeon can wear lead clothing to protect himself from as little radiation as possible.If the shooting location cannot be lead protected, we advise the person not involved to stay away from the shooting machine.

Of course, we don’t need to be afraid of X-ray , as long as the body is not exposed to X-ray radiation regularly, the absorbed X-rays will be expelled from the body, so the occasional X-ray examination will not cause harm to the body.

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