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DR mobile x-ray machine area

Recently, I have received many customer inquiries about our DR mobile x-ray machine, which is easy to operate and fast in image output. Receive widespread recognition from people. DR mobile x-ray machine is the abbreviation of digital direct imaging system and is often written as DR. Compared with traditional X-ray imaging, DR mobile x-ray machine has the advantages of clearer images, lower radiation, faster inspection speed, and higher inspection success rate. Reduce X-ray radiation dose and better protect doctors and patients. The economic burden of patients is reduced, patients can be diagnosed nearby, and the increased travel expenses of visiting county, city, and provincial hospitals are exempted, and travel expenses, meals, accommodation and nursing expenses for family members to take care of patients are also exempted. At the same time, the waiting time for seeing a doctor is reduced and the hospital is increased. Popularity and influence.
Nowadays, the combination of digital technology and X-ray photography technology has realized the wide application of digital X-ray photography. The radiology department has a heavy workload, and the introduction of the DR mobile x-ray machine has accelerated the filming speed. The bedside digital mobile DR camera photography technology came into being. For some small clinic customers, we recommend this machine, welcome to consult.

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