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DR vertical camera stand power

The DR system consists of a digital image acquisition board (detection board, which can be divided into amorphous silicon and amorphous selenium according to its internal structure), a dedicated digital image acquisition and control X-ray photography system, and a digital image workstation. In the amorphous silicon image plate, the X-rays are converted into visible light through the fluorescent screen, and then converted into electronic signals by matrix pixels through the TFT thin film crystal circuit, which are transmitted to the computer, and the image is displayed through the monitor. In the amorphous selenium image plate, the x-rays are directly converted into electronic signals, which are scanned by the matrix pixels and then transmitted to the computer, and the images are displayed through the monitor.

The power of the DR vertical camera frame is divided into several kilowatts to dozens of kilowatts according to the different parts of the human body shot by the DR vertical camera frame.

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