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Features of Handheld X-ray Machines

Handheld X-ray machine is mainly used in hospital orthopedics as X-ray diagnosis of limbs and other smaller and thinner parts, and can also be used in veterinary medical diagnosis, scientific research and testing occasions, and other non-destructive testing occasions.
The main working principle of the hand-held X-ray machine is to use the X-ray to penetrate the object to be measured, and display the image of the internal structure of the object to be measured on the LCD screen at the front of the X-ray receiver.
The components of the hand-held X-ray machine are high-voltage generator, X-ray tube, X-ray receiver, beam limiter, frame, power supply, C-shaped design, ABS engineering plastic manufacturing, beautiful, light and firm.
The size of the host is 54cm*37cm*15cm, which is easy to carry, and the screen displays noise, high brightness, and black and white clear images. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, no dark room is required, and there are many optional functions. The operating frequency of the host is 20Khz. The design life of the whole machine is 10 years, and the one-button operation switches the machine.
Compared with fixed X-ray machines, hand-held X-ray machinesare more convenient and accepted by more and more people. Its appearance is undoubtedly another major leap in the history of X-ray machines.

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