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Film bed used with mobile DR

The photographic flat bed, also known as the photographing bed, is an auxiliary application equipment of the X-ray machine. It can be used with mobile dr, mobile X-ray machine and portable X-ray machine to perform photographic examination on the abdomen, limbs, pelvic cavity, lumbar spine and other parts of the human body. Our film beds are divided into mobile, fixed and other models. The bed surface of these film beds is usually made of acrylic plate, namely, organic glass, which is divided into transparent and opaque materials. The price of density board is relatively cheap. If the budget is limited, you can choose density board, but the acrylic board is more transparent and easier to focus. When X-ray machine is used for perspective, acrylic plate is the most appropriate choice. Mobile photographic flat bed is also divided into those with and without a film box. It is recommended to select the one with a film box if flat plate detector is required. The photographing bed is equipped with an IP plate that can place a flat detector or cassette or CR. The bed surface is made of transparent acrylic plate, which can better align the center and facilitate the positioning of the beam and the flat plate. The photographing flat bed can float up, down, left and right in front and back, and has a universal wheel that can be turned. When moving to the shooting position, the photographing bed can be fixed by using the locking function of the wheel hub, Its brake wheels can also be installed at designated locations according to customer requirements. Power-on payment is convenient for patients to get on and off the bed, with low cost and power saving. It can also be operated in emergency. In case of power failure, it is necessary to pay more attention to patients to avoid safety problems. If you have other questions about the film bed, or need to buy the film bed or mobile dr, please call us. We are a professional X-ray machine manufacturer. Tel(whatsapp): +8617616362242

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