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General mobile 50MA X-ray machine for fever clinic

Recently, a customer consulted about mobile DR, which is used for fever diagnosis, and may need to be used in the car. The budget is about* yuan, and the portable X-ray machine information is sent to the customer. It is recommended to use a simple rack. With a 14*17 cable strip system , The customer asks if the X-ray machine is still cheaper? The user’s budget is low, no DR. Recommend 100MA X-ray machine head + white rack, quotation*. Guan moved to X-ray machine, users want 50MA X-ray machine, It is necessary to add a film processor, telling us that we can provide a fully automatic film processor* for one unit, a barrel of 5L each of developer and fixing liquid, and users of consumables can buy it by themselves. Sort the film processor information and send it to customers.

The customer finally ordered a mobile 50MA X-ray machine + 1 automatic film processor, and the production process is currently in progress.

The customer asked again if the developer and fixer of the mobile 50MA X-ray machine can be dispense? How much money? Tell me that the standard configuration is a total of 2 barrels of 5L each, the price is * yuan, the customer said it was given to the user, and I want the amount Less. I suggest you buy it locally. Regarding the film + cassette + intensifying screen, how big is the size of the hospital? What is the quantity? If the hospital has it before, it can also be used. The customer said that it is waiting for the equipment to move the 50MA X-ray machine Let’s talk about it when it comes.

Dear users, if you also plan to purchase an ordinary mobile 50MA X-ray machine,please contact us.

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