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Guangzhou customer inquiries about portable X-ray machine

Guangzhou customers see the portable X-ray machine advertised by our company on the website of Weifang NEWHEEK Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and call for consultation. The customer said that they are a foreign trade company. There is an old African customer who needs a portable X-ray machine to help the customer purchase, and also purchase some other things to ship together. I have already consulted another manufacturer, and I feel that the price is too expensive. I want to find a cheaper one , ask if there are 5kW and 10kW portable X-ray machines.
We sent the picture of our portable X-ray machine to the customer and the customer confirmed the product style, and explained to the customer that due to the limitation of the size of the portable X-ray machine, there is currently no 10kW portable X-ray machine, and ours is 5kW. The customer confirmed the style, and then asked if there was a flat panel detector, and recommended a wired flat panel detector for the customer. Compared with the wireless flat panel detector, the price is more affordable, the signal is more stable, and the export and transportation without batteries are more convenient. Customers say to understand the two styles of wired and wireless to allow users to choose.
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