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How much can you buy a mobile DR

DR radiation machine is a digital diagnostic equipment that can photograph multiple parts of the human body, such as the head, limbs, chest cavity, waist and abdomen. It can also be used for animal X-ray examinations.
The DR radiation machine has a new appearance design, which is beautiful, flexible and convenient.
It has all the features of a high frequency mobile X-ray camera.
Using U-arm technology, it is the lightest and smallest in the same kind of machine, which is convenient to use.
The appearance is more concise and beautiful, and the operation is more convenient.
Using high-frequency inverter technology, the radiation quality is good, the skin dose is low, stable and reliable, and the image clarity and contrast are good.
The U-arm is self-balancing, flexible and accurate in positioning, and covers a wide range.
Digital imaging system, the image is clear.
Many people ask how much can I buy? It depends on the power and configuration of the machine.
DR radiation machine has 30KW, 50KW points, the price is different. The configuration of the image workstation computer and the digital flat panel detector is also different. So overall it depends on the specific configuration.


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