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How much is a DR device?

DR is the abbreviation of digital direct imaging system, which has the advantages of clearer image, lower radiation dose, faster inspection speed and higher inspection success rate than traditional X-ray imaging. The workload of the radiology department is large, and the introduction of DR has accelerated the filming speed. The X-ray information can be processed by a computer after being digitized. By improving image details, reducing image noise, grayscale, contrast adjustment, image magnification, digital subtraction, etc., it shows the characteristic information that cannot be seen in the unprocessed image. Quantitative analysis and feature extraction of images with the help of artificial intelligence and other technologies, computer-aided diagnosis can be performed, with high resolution, good sharpness, and clear details; small radiation dose, large exposure latitude, and can be carried out according to clinical needs. Various image post-processing and other advantages can also realize the film-free radiology department, network between departments and hospitals, which is convenient for teaching and consultation. Its price varies from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands depending on the specific configuration of the product.
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