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How much is a set of medical DR about? (2022 price)

One of the biggest determinants of purchasing or upgrading to digital X-ray imaging, or DR, is cost. Although this is one of the most common problems, no vendor can accurately quote you a price without discussing your specific needs with you. Most computerized radiographic imaging (CR) systems today cost around 100,000 yuan, while a digital radiographic imaging system (DR) costs more than 100,000 yuan. However, several factors usually influence the final price. The three most critical factors are X-ray sources, clinic needs and additional components. X-ray source
First, do you already have an X-ray source? This is clearly the key to the overall cost problem. If your clinic does not yet have an X-ray source, or needs new equipment, this can have a significant impact on increasing the cost of digital imaging (DR). New X-ray sources may also require new wiring and shielding. You may also want to upgrade an existing X-ray source, but this may not be necessary unless there is a pre-existing problem with the generator.
Clinic (department) needs
Most clinics consider two different image capture options when adding digital imaging. CR is digital image processing based on black box, and DR is direct capture digital image processing. Large clinics should consider the efficiency of DR, but it also has a higher average cost and can be less flexible than CR.
Additional components
If you are using a DR system, you must also decide whether you want a wireless tablet detector. In practice, many radiology departments work better with flat panel detectors directly connected to a computer, but there are many applications that require or benefit from portable wireless DR. You may also need a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) to view your images on other computers, provide protection or load-bearing covers for your equipment, and other accessories that can be added.
Ultimately, your personal needs and overall clinical situation determine the cost of digital imaging (DR). Enter the purchase stage,
It is important to understand how these factors affect your upgrade costs. Although the price may not be easy to calculate, it is abundant with experience
Knowing these factors when talking to rich X-ray providers will help simplify the buying process and allow you to buy what you really need
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