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How Much Square Meter Does Mobile DR Need

According to the national occupational health standards, mobile DR room area requirements: the minimum effective use area in the room of a single-tube X-ray machine is 20 m2, and the minimum single side length in the room is 3.5m. Therefore, mobile DR requires at least 20 square meters of equipment room area.
Mobile DR’s computer room construction cooperation project:
(1) Surrounding requirements: the machine room is a hollow brick wall, pre-embedded with water and electricity, the brick surface is leveled with mortar, a layer of wire mesh is ordered, and the radiation protection coating layer is applied, and the surface is white and gray.
(2) Ceiling requirements: the ceiling mortar is removed, the barbed wire is reinforced with flat iron with expansion screws, the protective coating layer is constructed, and the surface is white gray or suspended ceiling.
(3) Floor requirements: dig cable trenches, pave bricks on the surface or other.
(4) Requirements for reserved holes in the operation room: reserved small door holes (width 0.9m*height 2.1m), reserved observation windows (window height 0.85m, hole width 1.7m, height 1.1m).
(5) Reservation for the entrance of the computer room: 1.5 meters wide * 2.2 meters high.
(6) Pre-bury the middle and upper 15 cm of the gate to the distribution box (connected with 1.5*2 wires) as work lights.
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