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How to deal with scrapped X-ray machines

Humans are born, old, sick and dead, and animals have their own lifespans. Similarly, electronic digital products and even medical imaging equipment have their own service life under the condition of natural aging. If the service life is exceeded, the machine will be damaged and malfunction. When the medical X-ray machine cannot be used, it must be scrapped.
How to deal with scrapped X-ray machines? Some customers reported that the X-ray machine used in the past was too long and had expired service life, and now the machine is scrapped in the warehouse and I don’t know how to deal with it. In response to this problem, because X-ray machines have no radioactive substances, they are the same as ordinary electrical equipment after they are scrapped. If the whole machine or some important parts still have value, some companies that make second-hand medical equipment will recycle them. If there is no use value, it can be directly sold as waste.
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