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How to protect mobile dr?

Many people don’t know how to properly protect mobile dr. Next, let’s learn from you.

1. Mobile dr workers must be proficient in business technology and radiation protection knowledge, cooperate with relevant clinicians to make clinical judgment on X-ray examination, pay attention to mastering its scope of application, and use X-ray diagnosis correctly and reasonably.

2. In addition to the clinically necessary fluoroscopy, photography should be used as much as possible to reduce the exposure dose of the examinee and staff.

3. Under the principle of not affecting the diagnosis, “high voltage, low current, thick filtering” and small radiation field should be used as far as possible.

4. When performing various special examinations with mobile dr, special attention should be paid to controlling the irradiation conditions and repeated irradiation, and effective protective measures should be taken for the examinee and staff.

5. When photographing, the mobile dr worker must replace the additional filter plate according to the different tube voltage used.

6. The irradiation field shall be adjusted strictly according to the required irradiation site, so that the useful harness is limited to the scope of clinical actual needs, and appropriate protective measures shall be taken for the non-irradiation site of the subject.

7. The exposure must be carried out in the shielding room and other protective facilities, and other personnel should not stay in the machine room except for the person being inspected.

8. It must be more than 2 meters away from the pipe head and the subject, and protective measures shall be taken for the surrounding personnel.

9. Attention should be paid to the reasonable selection of film and the darkroom operation technology to ensure the quality of photography and avoid repeated exposure.

10. During mobile dr examination, special attention should be paid to the protection of the subject’s gonad. Generally, pregnant women should not take X-ray examination to reduce the exposure to the fetus.

11. In X-ray examination, when the subject needs to be carried, corresponding protective measures should also be taken for the person carrying the support.

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