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Clinical application of mobile dr

At the beginning of spring, the epidemic situation around the country began to fluctuate. In order to accurately and quickly identify suspicious cases, in addition to actively participating in nucleic acid detection, the application of mobile dr is also very helpful, especially for elderly patients who need to take pictures but cannot move to a special film room, while mobile dr can move to a ward or isolation point for taking pictures, saving time and improving work efficiency. So, let’s take a closer look at the main clinical application scope of mobile dr devices.

1. Intensive care unit. Patients in the intensive care unit are often inseparable from vital feature monitoring instruments and other life support equipment. Mobile dr can move with people, providing convenience for medical care and patients.

2. Infectious disease ward. Mobile dr, with its high flexibility and environmental adaptability, has greatly met the needs of isolation wards in epidemic prevention and control to diagnose patients’ condition.

3. Orthopedics. It can meet the needs of digital photography of the head, limbs, chest, spine, lumbar spine, abdomen and other parts of the body.

4. Ward. The mobile dr body is small and flexible, and can enter and leave the ward freely, providing convenience for medical care and patients. The above is the clinical application of mobile dr. If you have any need, please call us. Tel(whatsapp): +8617616362242

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