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How to upgrade DR

First, make sure your DR X-ray machine is a high frequency machine before you can upgrade. Secondly, in addition to considering the flat plate, it is also necessary to match the high-voltage generator and tube. For example, the original X-ray machine is 200ma and must match the corresponding high-voltage tube. Finally, it is recommended to choose a big brand, after-sale guaranteed amorphous silicon flat panel detector to upgrade, don’t be greedy and pursue low prices.
For doctors, they are exposed to X-rays almost every day. Using DR with better consistency of the whole machine can reduce the radiation dose and protect doctors. Comprehensive brand, research and development capabilities, after-sales, it is best to choose the manufacturer of human DR, because it is certified by the State Food and Drug Administration, and has passed the GMP assessment, and the qualification is better. Independent research and development of pet DR manufacturers have their own patented technology, image consistency is better, and after-sales are more guaranteed.

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