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How X-rays are made

You are curious about how X-rays are made. Here’s a little compilation about how X-rays are made.
X-rays are made in this way. The accelerated electrons are used to hit the metal target. During the impact process, the electrons suddenly decelerate, and their lost kinetic energy (released in the form of photons, forming a continuous part of the X-ray spectrum). By increasing the acceleration voltage, the energy carried by the electrons increases, and the inner electrons of the metal atom are knocked out. Then the inner layer forms a hole, and the outer electrons jump back to the inner layer to fill the hole. At the same time, photons with a wavelength of about 0.1 nm are released.
X-rays are produced through the toughening radiation of electrons, which bombard metals with high-energy electrons. If the electron energy is large, x-rays can be generated; The inner electron transition of atoms can also generate x-rays. According to the theory of quantum mechanics, electrons will radiate photons when they transition from high energy level to low energy level. If the energy difference between energy levels is large, they can emit photons in the x-ray band.
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