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Introduction of mobile X-ray machine

Many customers are interested in some questions about mobile X-ray machines. Recently, a customer called to purchase a mobile X-ray machine. The customer learned that some industries can also use mobile X-ray machines and asked about our mobile Is the X-ray machine for medical use or industrial use? In response to the customer, we are a mobile X-ray machine for medical use, and some are used in industry, but the configuration is different.

Medical mobile X-ray machines are also called medical portable X-ray machines or medical X-ray fluoroscopes. This type of mobile X-ray machine is suitable for medical use, mainly in clinics, township health centers, athlete training departments and school clinics. Among them, the medical mobile X-ray machine can be used for human or veterinary medical diagnosis.

The industrial mobile X-ray machine used in the industrial sector is usually an industrial non-destructive inspection X-ray machine (lossless inspection). The mobile X-ray machine can inspect various industrial components, electronic components, and the inside of circuits. Customers who need to move the X-ray machine can contact us.


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