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Introduction to we Newheek mobile DR x ray machine

Mobile DR x ray machine is a new X-ray machine developed by Newheek in 2020 for the current medical market needs.Let me briefly introduce the parameters of Newheek mobile DR x ray machine.
X ray tube1. Bifocal size (small / large): 0.6 / 1.2 mm2. Maximum rated power @ 0.1s: 1 6 / 32kW @ 50 HzMaximum tube current: 200/400 mA @ 50 HzMaximum tube voltage: 150 kVp3. Anode thermal capacity: 220 kHU, anode angle: 12 °, anode rotation speed: 2700 rpm @ 50 Hz4. Focus center: The center of focus of the X-ray tube assembly is balanced at any position within the range of 1250 ~ 1900 mm, and the braking is reliable.5. X-ray tube range:1) The highest position from the ground is ≥ 1850 mm, and the lowest position is 950 mm;2) The reference axis can be turned laterally by ± 90 ° (± 5 °)
Wireless flat panel detector1. Technology used: amorphous silicon TFT and photodiode;2. Image size: 17 “× 17”;3. Spatial resolution: 3.5p / mm;4. Detection gray level (A / D bit number): 16 bit;5. Data interface: Gigabit Ethernet;6. Holographic acquisition time: ≤4s;7. Pixels: 3072X3072 pixels8. Wireless transmission
HV GeneratorPower requirementsSingle-phase sinusoidal AC: non-sinusoidal distortion less than 2% of its amplitudePower supply voltage: 220VAC ± 10%Power frequency: 50HzPower supply internal resistance: not more than 1ΩPower capacity: 3.5 KVA
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