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Is mobile DR the same as vehicle DR

With the rise of mobile DR, more and more customers choose mobile DR. Similarly, many customers choose vehicle DR. So is mobile DR the same as vehicle DR? The answer is of course no. Mobile DR refers to a movable DR X-ray machine, which can be moved between rooms and can also be used for outdoor diagnosis. The vehicle-mounted DR may be a mobile X-ray machine or a fixed X-ray machine, which is mainly used for outdoor physical examination or diagnosis. Generally speaking, due to the limited space of the car, the height of the vehicle-mounted DR is generally relatively short, so there are special vehicle-mounted DR manufacturers. Such vehicle-mounted DR is fixed. Of course, some customers install the mobile DR on the car, and the rack of the fixed X-ray machine forms the car DR.
Therefore, mobile DR and vehicle-mounted DR are not the same. The specific choice of machine should be selected according to the actual needs of the customer.

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