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Is there a 20kw mobile DR

Recently, a customer asked us if there is a 20kw mobile DR. At present, we N and my pediatric mobile DR have two commonly used mobile DRs: 5KW and 32KW. Although we don’t have a 20kw mobile DR, our mobile DR is also very good. superior. Let me explain the characteristics of our Newheek mobile DR:
Mobile DR is mainly used by medical units to perform photographic examinations of the human body’s chest, limbs, pelvis and lumbar spine.
The mobile DR adopts a high-frequency and high-voltage generator and an independent head, closed-loop control, stable output, good repeatability, fast response, and high precision;
Digital closed-loop control technology, 32-bit microprocessor real-time control, to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the dose;
Touch screen adjustment, color screen display, no need for additional display screen and console;
With human anatomy program, users can also modify the parameters by themselves;
With high-voltage over-under-voltage protection, tube current over-current protection, output overload protection, fault prompt;
Perfect heat capacity protection function to protect the target surface of the X-ray tube;
Ergonomic structure design, simple and convenient operation;
Electric power assist, more convenient and lighter to move forward and backward;
Battery-capacitor dual energy storage mode, which can shoot more than 20 photos offline, which is more reliable for emergency use;
The adjustment range of the distance from the focal point to the image receiving surface (SID): 500 (mm);
Automatic retractable power cable mechanism, effectively preventing cable entanglement;
The 1417 wireless tablet is easy to use and move.

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