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Mexico customer consulting mobile DR

Mexican customers see our company’s product mobile DR through our company’s website, and are very interested, come to inquire about mobile DR.
The customer asked for the product information of 1 Mobile DR, introduced the detailed functions of the product to the customer, and sent the product information to the customer. The customer inquired about a 100 mA industrial frequency machine, and then replied that it is necessary to include door-to-door shipping. , After giving the customer a quotation, the customer will contact us after replying with further information.
The mobile DR product adopts high-frequency inverter technology to produce stable high-voltage output and obtain good image quality; it adopts a compact design, which is easy to carry and work in different regions and locations; it has three exposure control methods: remote control, hand brake and Interface button type; fault self-diagnosis and self-protection; with a flexible digital interface, users can go deep into the core programming control, and can be adapted to different DR detectors.

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