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Portable X-ray machine manufacturers

We in Newheek are a medical equipment manufacturer with 20 years of production experience. In the past two years, portable X-ray machines have become one of the must-chosen products in many hospitals and clinics. This is determined by the characteristics of the portable X-ray machine: First, it is easy to move. The weight of a portable X-ray machine is generally about 20kg. It can be used with a stand or used alone, and can be carried by one person. Feature two, easy to protect. Due to the characteristics of portable X-ray machines, there is no fixed room, making protection difficult. In this way, the operator only needs to wear lead clothing to avoid more accumulated doses. Feature three, the portable X-ray machine can meet the needs of most X-ray photography. Since portable X-ray machines are so popular, who are the manufacturers of portable X-ray machines? Of course, with the development of medical technology, more and more portable X-ray machine manufacturers have developed, and Newheek is one of them. If you need it, please feel free to contact us.

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